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Medical Director Information


Standard Medical Director Contract (Most have this)

We also offer MSO Contract. (Extra Fees Apply).

Option 1:

For anyone who has completed MAIT Training (EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED).

Option 2:

If you have completed a similar course elsewhere, you may be eligible to join, pending proof of certification as well as successful completion of a knowledge and skills assessment.


Please note that there is a sign-on cost of $500 for those who are not MAIT certified.

Monthly Medical Director Fees for those who are not MAIT certified; starts at $500 per month.


   All will purchase products from the DFI clinic or directly from the authorized distributor if they already have an account with the product company.



  $250 per month, with an increase by $250 as you become more successful! 

   We think of it as a partnership. We want you to thrive!

   -  $250 Monthly order of up to 4 Products purchased

   - $500 Monthly order of up to 8 Products purchased

   - $750 Monthly order of up to 12 Products purchased

   - $1000 Monthly order not limited to Products purchased

   GFE's are included in the cost product.

   Will provide a system for logging: Jotform, ONetouch, and standing orders certification.
   (This includes, documentation forms & EMR).

   Insurance provided by the injector.

Cost of product if bought from us at MAIT Training/DFI Age Studio

Must be a prescriber or have a Medical Director.

   - Versa HA Filler 1.2ml = $180 per syringe or one box with Two Syringes for $350
   - Xeo***-Neurotoxin: $390 per vial of 100 units, if you buy more than 10 vials at once, the cost is $350 per vial.

    -Bacteriostatic Solution 0.9% N.Saline and Benzyl Alcohol = $5 each (30ml Bottle, multi use) Paid 

    -Numbing Cream: 23% Lidocaine/ 7% Tetracaine = $100 each (100 gram bottle) - Pay Directly to Pharmacy (Campbell's Compounding Pharmacy).

Neuromodulators and Fillers Training
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